Grace Lutheran Preschool is sponsored and operated by Grace Lutheran Church, 343 Grand Avenue, Loves Park, IL 61111, (815) 282-6114. The Governing Board is made up of members of the church, the Pastors, the Director of the School and the Chairman of the Board.

Medical and Emergency

  • A medical report, dated no longer than 6 months prior to entry into school must contain all updated immunizations, including a TB test (not older than 6 months from the start of school), HIB, Hepatitis B and Chicken pox vaccinations and lead screen. Since this report is valid for 2 years, a child who attended our school the previous year does not need another physical. A dental exam is encouraged, but not required. No child will be allowed to begin school without a physical and all immunizations.
  • In case of illness, accident, or injury to a child, the parent (or person designated on the registration form) will be notified. If no one can be reached, the school will secure the services of a physician. Staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid.
  • All contagious diseases must be reported to the school (815-282-6114), and a permission slip from a doctor or nurse must be presented before returning. If a child becomes ill while at school, he/she is isolated (with an aide) and the parent is notified to come for him/her. Since school is in session for a short period of time, no medications will be given by the staff.


To keep our children safe, the preschool areas are locked down while students are present. The preschool wings will be unlocked 5 minutes before school begins and then locked until school is out. If you are late, you need to go to the Grand Avenue Doors, where a secretary will buzz you in. The secretaries can watch all doors on a security T.V. in the office.

  1. Insurance – The school is covered by liability insurance by A. W. Anderson Insurance Agency.
  2. Volunteers – All volunteers that help at the school must be fingerprinted and have a background check, according to DCFS regulations. Please let your child’s teacher know if you can help- we love special day and computer helpers.
  3. Arrival & Dismissal – No child will be allowed in the preschool wings until 5 minutes before starting time. It is the parent’s responsibility to see that the preschool students enter the classroom. All students must be brought to the room and picked up from the room. All parents must come in and sign out their child in the notebooks provided, as required by DCFS. A child will be released from the facility only to those persons designated on the registration form or car pool information. Persons not known to the staff shall be required to show some identification if any changes are made for a release. Teachers will keep an accurate record of this. Please be prompt when picking your child up from school. A late charge will be issued to parents who are more than 5 minutes late and will be added to your next month’s fees.

Etcetera 1

  • Communications – All messages to the teacher should be sent with the child. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE UNLESS IT IS URGENT.
  • Discipline – In the event it becomes necessary to discipline a child for inappropriate behavior, the child will first be asked to stop the behavior. It may, in some cases, be necessary to give the child a “time-out” for no more than 3 minutes for a three-year-old, no more than 4 minutes for a four-year-old, no more than 5 minutes for a five-year-old. The child will be asked to sit in his chair. If consistently inappropriate behavior continues, the parents will be consulted by the teachers to find an appropriate solution. If an appropriate solution cannot be reached, the child may be dismissed from the program. Every parent will be asked to read our discipline policies and sign the bottom; if they agree, then return it to school.
  • Communicable Diseases – All communicable diseases should be reported to the school at once for the protection of the other children. You should KEEP YOUR CHILD AT HOME if s/he has the following symptoms: fever, nausea or vomiting, skin rash or sore, inflamed or swollen eyes, red or swollen joints, diarrhea, flushed face, unusual pallor, excessive coughing, sore throat, or headache. Please keep your child home 24 hours after an elevated temperature has returned to normal.
  • Parking – We need to keep the parking lot safe for the children at all times. You will be required to park your vehicle during drop off and pick up times. Please park in the designated parking spaces so you do not block the flow of traffic. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE IN YOUR CARS WHILE PICKING UP CHILDREN FROM SCHOOL.
  • Pets – Pets may be brought to school, but only after they have been seen by a veterinarian and have received a rabies shot. To have your pet visit, please schedule with the teacher at least one day in advance (preferably when your child has Show & Tell). NO TURTLES, PLEASE!
  • Show & Tell – Your child will bring home a Show & Tell box or bag when it is his/her turn for Show & Tell. No guns, knives, or valuable items should be brought. We cannot be held responsible for these!
  • LIBRARY – The Preschool classes check out books from the Grace Lutheran Preschool library. Each parent will be asked to sign a form so they are responsible for any damaged or lost books.
  • Hand Washing – According to DCFS rules every child must wash their hands as soon as they enter the building, before they enter the classroom. Please make sure you do this every day before dropping your child off in their classroom.


  • Etcetera 2
  • Treats – The school furnishes milk and snacks. Children may bring treats at any time, as long as they sign up for what they are bringing and what date on the treat sign up sheet in the classroom at least 2 weeks in advance. DCFS requires us to keep a snack list posted at all times. This is to protect those children who have snack allergies. Parents must notify the teacher if their child has certain food allergies. PLEASE NOTE DCFS RULING: Children may only bring prepackaged treats from a bakery or store. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CUPCAKES – THEY ARE VERY MESSY!


Cheese Cubes/Slices
Crackers of Cookies
Fresh Fruit or Fruit Snacks
Granola or Cereal Mixes
Popcorn or Pretzels
Quick Breads or Muffins
Raisins or Vegetables
Pudding or Applesauce
Ice cream or Fruit bars
  • Field Trips – The children will take field trips during the year. Some will be within walking distance (such as the fire station & other short walks). Permission slips and details will be sent home for you to sign for each field trip.
  • Fire/Tornado Drills – We will have fire drills to teach the children to exit in an orderly fashion. Please let your child’s teacher know if your child becomes afraid, or is having problems because of the drill.  We will also have tornado drills, once in the fall and once in the spring.
  • Vacations & Holidays – All vacations and holidays will be listed on the school calendar. Closing for these days or snow days will not be made up. In case of inclement weather, the school will follow the policy of the Harlem Schools. If Harlem Schools close their afternoon classes, we will also close. Please check WREX  and Facebook for closing updates.
  • Visiting the School – Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time. If you wish to have a conference with a teacher, please schedule a time. Progress reports will be sent home in December and May. Our progress reports are based on the Illinois Early Learning Standards.
  • Records & Release Information – The state requires that we keep records on file for 5 years. No personal information about a child or family will be released without written consent of the parent. All reports are confidential. Copies of all records will be made for the parent at a nominal cost.
  • End of Year Programs – Preschool students will take part in a graduation ceremony, complete with caps and gowns at the end of May. The gown will need to be returned at the end of the night, but the cap and tassel are yours to keep. The 3-year-old students will also share a special program with family and friends at the end of May. Be sure to stay for fellowship and refreshments after all the programs. Please support our Book Fair, which is held after the programs!